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Happy Valentines Day!!

February 14, 2013

Me and my wife are pretty much broke, so we are celebrating tomorrow by going out to dinner, its gonna be awesome!!  Anyway, for the rest of you out there who used to be like me, single, and hated valentines, hang in there, tomorrow is 50% off candy day!  Not to mention i’ve got your fix…

This is Jessica Nigri, you’re welcome.

Jessica 4

Jessica 3

Jessica 2

Jessica 1

Once again, Happy Valentines day!

As always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Hey, how do you get that bar of categories that is between your title and you blogs…(Home, Man Behind the Madness, Anger Management…), thx

    • I actually am not 100% sure. Whenever I add a new category to my blog it pops it up there at the top. “The man behind the madness” actually popped up there too when I created a new “Page” so it all just kinda happened for me, could just be my blog layout. Sorry for not being of more help. Thanks for reading!

      • Thank you, I found out that your page is titan, and then I previewed titan, and it creates those buttons automatically. 🙂

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