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How about that beer??

February 28, 2013

So for those of you who know me in real life and probably some of those who actually read this that I don’t know, i’m not a beer drinker.  But every now and then since we’ve been carrying beer in the store i’ll see some beer and the packaging just entices me.  So apparently a new beer came out called “Black Crown” by Budweiser.  My history of beer is as follows:  Bud Light, Bug Light Lime and some dark beer I don’t know the name of.  So I have little to no experience but I wanted to try this!

So after I finished all my meds from being sick I bought a six pack.  Tonight I tried my first “Black Crown” beer.  It actually wasn’t half bad.  I never understand why people drink beer though.  I guess its to get drunk, but thats never been me.  Beer and Alcohol in general does tend to open me up a bit more, makes me kinda loose in personality.  Instantly it was better than the Bud lights i’ve tried in the past but still tasted like kinda shitty.  Beer in general is just kinda shitty tasting.  Its not thirst quenching so I guess it is all about getting drunk.  I’ll drink another of that 6 pick and probably the rest of them as well, but they will definitely be spaced out at least by weeks at a time.

In other news, not alcohol related.  Have you ever visited the site “”? its a site where every day, for 24 hours you have your choice of two shirts.  They are only available for that day only and then never again.  They are just cool shirts, it could be anything.  Anyway, today they had a awesome Black Ranger shirt so I had to freakin order that, it looked awesome, wish I would’ve saved a pic of the image since its new shirts now anyway, its awesome!

Watching UFC 157 good show so far, but I kinda wanna play Minecraft, thank god i’m off tomorrow.  Well thats about it,  I have this idea to try and talk a little more about my foot fetish in better detail, kinda explain where I feel like it came from and my life experiences with it, not sure yet, its still hard to open up completely about it, but I think it might be time.  Until then though, thanks always for reading!


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