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The Story of my Foot fetish – Part 1

February 28, 2013

So its always really odd when you figure out that you have a weird fetish.  In your mind you blow it all out of proportion and you’re the weirdest of the weird.  For those who don’t know the definition of a foot fetish is as follows

“a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.”

Of course the first question I had is “How did this all come to be?” i’ll do my best to explain how I felt this came to be.  At a young age, around 2 or 3 my mother was working so many jobs that when she was home she wanted to sleep, but still had to watch me so what she would do would lay on the couch with her legs almost as a cradle.  She would tell me that I had to sit there in that cradle of her legs and not get up and just watch cartoons.  This method was full proof as she had used it with my brother as well.  So I would sit there and just play with her feet.  No clue why, I just would.  So then when I got a little bit older and started going to like day cares and stuff I was noticing more and more little girls feet.  Mom loves to tell the story of how I talked about this little girls socks the whole way home one day.

My mom sometimes acts like she knows about my fetish, but other times seems completely oblivious.  It cracks my Cousin up whom I’ve already told about my fetish, as well as my Wife.

So anyway, fast forward to high school.  An art perfected of checking out girls feet in class.  Watching as they dropped shoes off their feet, dangled the shoe just on the tip of their toes.  Everything just drove me wild.  There were times when I could’ve swore they caught me red handed.  Even if they did they never said anything about it, and never really stopped doing what they were doing.

This is where i’m going to pump the brakes and let this be the end of part 1.  This is kinda challenging seeing as how i’ve never just told these stories out in the public eye.  Thanks for reading as always! And if you have any questions so far, i’d love to hear them.


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