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The Story of my Foot Fetish – Part 2

March 3, 2013

So time passed, I slowly became aware of Porn, and slightly addicted.  But it was great, I found a whole community that felt the same way about feet that I did.  After some time of suttle and not so suttle hints dropped, I confided in my cousin about my fetish.  She kinda told me that she already knew, which honestly how could she not.

So for some reason along with just the look of feet, the smell turned me on too.  It didn’t make much sense to me honestly.   But it was what I knew.  Now don’t get me wrong, just regular sex turned me on too, it wasn’t just feet, but feet was apart of the package.  So it continued through High School I dreamed up all kinds of crazy schemes and plans to touch their feet.  Typing this out makes me feel like a creeper, but I really wasn’t I was just a young adult who didn’t understand why he felt this way.  Going to a private school the rules were a little more lax so girls could sit in class in their socks.  I remember just getting so lost in staring that I wouldn’t realize that time was up.

I never confided in anyone else, I thought myself a weirdo.  Once you have a weird fetish in your mind its the weirdest thing ever.  So when I met my future Wife and we started dating seriously, I knew I had to tell her.  I had thousands of fantasies that involved feet, to have a life full of not fullfilling my fetish would’ve been horrible.

So let me back track a little bit and just kinda encompass all that came with this fetish.

The Odor, socks,tickling feet,and then of course everything that comes with the territory.  Toe sucking,feet licking, footjobs, the list goes on and on.  Bondage tickling was awesome to watch that tied in with the porn addiction.

So I remember telling my future wife about it and she was completely cool with it.  To my surprise she was very open to it.  She didn’t really know about it at first, but i’ll never forget the first time she let me do whatever I wanted.  She loved it and was awesome with it, and of course I don’t have to tell you how I felt.

Well let me just say this has been a super personal two blog post.  If you read this, any feedback is welcome.  Thanks for reading as always!  If anyone out there happens to have the same fetish and is kinda afraid of how people would respond to it, i’d welcome questions and conversations.  If these past two post have been too much info for you, i’m going back to regular stuff here soon, i’ve been on the subject of beer a bit more lately.

I’m kinda out to find a beer that I like so today I bought a beer called “Wild Blue” so my next post will be around that.


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