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The great Beer crusade!

March 5, 2013

Ok so its not a crusade at all but what i’ve been doing is trying to aquire the taste of beer!  It started out with Budweiser’s new beer “Black Crown” which has a really good flavor just a terrible after taste (had another last night).  Now i’ve determined I won’t be buying it again, but I will finish the 6 pack I have, now with 4 remaining!

Which brings me to the new beer I purchased a few days ago, “Wild Blue”.  Now what caught my attention about this is it was a Blueberry Lager, turns out, this isn’t an uncommon lager.  But to me it was a very uncommon thing, so my wife was like “You should try it!” and I did.

Black Crown has a 6% alcohol per volume where as Wild Blue has 8% so its a tad bit stronger.  Any who, the Wild Blue was actually really good.  And didn’t have a bitter taste that Black Crown did.  The first thought is “This doesn’t taste like blue berry!” but give it time, the after taste wrecks you with blue berry flavor.  Its not a bad beer at all.


The only con is that it drys your mouth out really really badly.  I was crazy thirsty afterwards.

So thats about it, Today is my mom’s birthday so i’m going to spend the day with her and just do whatever she wants to do.  But if anyone has any ideas of good beer for someone trying to get the taste and pull it together let me know! I’m always open to comments and suggestions! And as always, thanks for reading!!


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