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Death is knocking on your door, how do you feel?

March 14, 2013

So let me just get started on this one.  My wife’s uncle is practically on his death bed.  I won’t get into any of the details, just know that its really bad.  So he is surrounded by loving family, children, a wife and his mother.  The doctors are doing their best to keep him alive, even through somewhat questionable means, but he is suffering and is begging to go home where can die comfortably.  Just from what I know about this man, let me fill you in on a bit of his past.

This particular uncle has always been an ass.  He seems like he has a good heart but for some reason chooses to be an ignorant asshole who if you don’t agree with his views, you’re wrong and stupid.  I’ll be the first to say that this is my least favorite kind of person.  Even on holidays this dude is all anit-whatever the holiday is.  On Christmas he is pissed and has to start something to hopefully ruin everyone elses good time.  Anyway, let me now go into the topic of this one.

So I’m a christian.  I believe in God, Jesus, and the holy spirit.  I also believe the bible.  But over time i’ve developed my own feelings about some things, not to mention on top of all this I do firmly believe in karma.


If you’re easily offended, you might wanna stop here.  OR if you don’t really like thinking about things this way, stop here…still here, lets go.

God is very real, and the things you do in life, the way that you act in the life, every single thing boils down to some kind of harvest of some sort.  Understand, weather you believe in Jesus, or not, karma still believes in you.  The world is a give and take kinda place, you only receive what you put in.  Am I saying I never put in anything bad, absolutely not.  If you’ve read this blog even once you know that i’m not always the nicest dood in the world.

Let me continue on my train of thought here.  My wife is all torn up that he is dying.  This part is hard for me to understand.  She almost has absolute zero good to say about this man, yet she is sad he is dying?  Thats something I don’t get.  If I don’t have much good to say about you while you’re alive, my mind doesn’t change now that you’re dying.  She claims its just family, well you know how I feel about “family” I have a previous post on that topic so I won’t get into it.

I hope when I die, the people who didn’t like me still don’t like me.  Don’t come to my funeral if you don’t want to be there, ya know?  Coming back to my belief on Jesus, and in Karma.  This man sounds like he has been a pretty horrible dad, a pretty horrible person in general.  Is his painful death what God had in store for him for his actions?  I feel like the answer to this question is, yes.

I dislike you

One thing Christians never want to look at is the wrath of our God.  He is merciful, and he is loving, but don’t think that he doesn’t get pissed off.  At the end of the day, I would like to think that i’ve done a fairly good job of being a nice guy.  Now when trouble hits me over the skull, I do know what its from, and i’m sure you do too.

Thanks for reading, as always!  Thoughts? Comments? Questions? all are welcome!

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