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Fourth coming thorough Review! Yakuza 4!

March 16, 2013

So I took a lot of time off from Yakuza 4 because I just couldn’t bring myself to play it anymore.  So i’ve started over again on it and i’m loving the hell out of it so far!

Its kinda open world, but not in the same way GTA is open world.  Lots of fist fighting, a deep story that will probably wind up being insane by the end, and 4 playable characters that their stories eventually intertwine.

I wanted to post this to say, if you don’t see very many post from me for the next few weeks i’m trying to play this game and hopefully see it through to the end.  So for all my gamer followers be ready for a…super late review.  I just realized that i don’t have a clue why you would care about such an old games review.

Anyway, expect that coming soon!  Also just watched the new Sentai that is out in Japan and have high hopes for this sentai, seeing as how Go-Busters flopped hard. Anyways, talk to you all again very soon!!


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