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The Beer Crusade continues!!!

March 17, 2013

If you’re just joining in by now, i’ve been on a crusade to find a beer that I really really enjoy!  Let me run down the list of what i’ve tried up to this point and what I thought of each one! LETS BEGIN!

black crownThis was the start of the crusade! I saw this bottle it was a new beer that had just come out apparently, and the label struck my fancy, so I bought it!  Its a real mans beer honestly, the taste isn’t so bad, but that after taste and the bitterness is insanely strong.  I think mainly beer veterans will be able to handle this one, and thats not what I am…moving on!

WildblueAhhhh Wild Blue!  Bought this one shortly after the Black Crown.  It caught my eye by saying it was a blue berry lager.  So this one was more up my alley.  Still had a bite and a bit of bitterness to it, but the blue berry taste was strong and nice.  This one was a fun one to drink!

woodchuckOk, so this one was given to me by my buddy Kyle.  He said it seemed like something I would really like, so he brought me like 4 of them.  I guess he was confident that I would like them…he was right.  So this probably isn’t even really “Beer” but its what people pitched it to me as so here it is!  Woodchuck is an awesome flavor of Apple and is just all around easy to drink.  Good stuff!

So now this leads to today! I heard a few days back from our babers milk vendor that the Publix that just opened up in oxford had a “Build your own 6 pack!” thing and this sparked my interest.  So needless to say, we went, and I grabbed a different beer for each one of my choices!

BEER!This is my haul! From left to right we have: “Ruthless Rye!”,”Milk Strout”,Abita,Beck’s,Woodchuck(granny smith),Blue moon(one of the flavors i think.)

So tonight I tried the Woodchuck of course!  It was good, but original Woodchuck was actually better, i’d just stick to the real deal.  Which one will I drink next?!?! Find out on the next post of THE BEER CRUSADES!!!  And of course, thanks for reading!


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