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Closing Ceremonies.

March 23, 2013

The Beer Crusade has come to a close with my last beer.  It was the Ruthless Rye…

ruthless-nodate2It was just way to bitter like the rest so It was a bust, you live and you learn.  But here are my final thoughts on all this.

I wanted to try some beers and see what was out there, and I did.  I knew the experience would be full of ups and down and it was, but I’m glad I at least tried it.  And as a bonus yesterday my friend Kyle came and spent the day with me at the house and brought over some “Shock Tops”

Shock Top Raspberry WheatNot the best beer i’ve ever had, but certainly was very very good.  So there is still some things out there I need to try and more things out there I want to try.  In closing, I never got drunk so that was cool, and I did find one thing that was amazing, Woodchuck!

For everyone who was sick of this Crusade, it has ended…for now.  As always thanks for reading, i’m almost almost done with Yakuza 4 so i’ll be working on that review going up soon!




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