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My favorite music, and reasons behind it.

March 26, 2013

So i’ve been listening to a lot of music again lately, and with the recent news about My Chemical Romance breaking up, i figured i’d talk a little bit about my musical taste and why I think I like my music so much.

Just like the rest of the world, my life has been tough.  I have a family history of depression, suicide, the list goes on.  So naturally I struggled with depression throughout High School, but on top of that came some aggression too.  Through High School the music had to just be angry, which is where my love for Eminem developed.  But as I grew up, I wanted music with more passion for something I could relate to.

I know i’ve mentioned this before, but my Cousin got me into Bright Eyes, but before Bright Eyes came Everclear.  Everclear had my number at the time, their songs connected with me on so many levels, still do today.  So I was hooked, nothing but Everclear all the time, super excited when a new CD came out, just crazy for them.  But the music was a good bit on the depressing side, in the eyes of most people.


To me the music wasn’t just depressing, it was therapy for me, as well as just well written stuff.  This made me appreciate the sader side of music, as well as embracing what I felt my life was.  Then came Bright Eyes, Everclear was still awesome, and still had great music but Bright Eyes touched on some darker places for me, and ultimately took over.

conorConnor, as i’ve mentioned before, is the lead singer in the band.  His lyrics are very cryptic sometimes and straight forward others.  Most of his songs are horribly depressing, his music is sad, but still therapy for the mind.  And even if I stop listening to Bright Eyes for a long period of time, when I come back, i’m home.  Some say music defines us, I agree, but it doesn’t always define who we are now, it can also define who we were.  So kinda coming back to why I love connor’s lyrics so much.  While I am a christian and some of things he sings about I disagree with, his songs are brilliant from the way they are put together to his vocals.  I also just love how raw some of the songs can be, when I heard “Devil Town” which I think is a cover, i’m not sure, but when I heard him sing it, it was funny and amazing all at once.  Then you have other songs that have such passion and such anger.

My Love for depressing music is because I like music to show me where I came from, and also to never forget those moments when life was so hard and just horrible.  I love my life now, my wife is amazing, my co-workers are cool people, I get paid pretty well and get plenty of hours.  The list goes on, but music makes me take that step back and say “Wow, I came from some dark places…” its also a steady reminder that when those dark places come again, which they always do, I’ve been here, I can do this.

I think thats it for this one, i’m only gonna cover these two artist.  I have a bunch of people I listen to, but these two have really defined what I listen to now.  But for those curious, and possibly looking for some new music, here is a list of the bands I listen to, in no particular order:

Silversun Pickups
Kate Nash
Tegan and Sara
Ida Maria
Blue October
Brand New
Alkaline Trio
Florence+The Machine
Regina Spector

I leave you with two songs, Everclear “Here comes the darkness”, and Bright Eyes “Road to Joy”  As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!



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