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Bioshock: Infinite Review.

March 30, 2013

Ok so I don’t normally like to review games on this blog, I mean I do, but thats not really what this blog is for, but this game needs to be heard about.

BioshockSo my history with Bioshock games goes: Bioshock 1 did a lot of new things and had a really cool story line and some of the best story telling elements we’ve ever seen in a game.  Bioshock 2…crushed all that progress with just a straight forward action game, I didn’t care for it much at all.  So when I saw Bioshock: Infinite I didn’t know what to think, and didn’t want to buy into the hype…but the hype…is REAL!

Lets get some of the lesser things that make this game amazing out of the way first.  The graphics are amazing, now I played this on Xbox 360 and the graphics were still phenomenal!  The city in the sky is so alive with people, things to do, places to go, and sights to see.  Columbia is truly alive with color and what a real city would feel like.

The Gameplay is fast and fun, it doesn’t ever feel bogged down by to much, and has a reasonable level of challenge at the normal Difficulty setting.  Its the standard Bioshock, shoot with the right hand, powers with the left.  The powers are cool, but they’ve been done, its not really why you’re here but that doesn’t mean using them is any less fun.  Early on you get this “Sky Hook” it allows you to zip around on these rails in the sky.  This is amazing, but also jarring from a first person perspective.  Once you get the hang of it, its amazing.  You can’t do it all the time, just in certain areas where battles are happening, but the enemies will give chase and learn your tactics.  Fast, fun, and challenging in places.  And thats just the tip of the iceberg, lets get into what makes this game so freakin great.

Booker help me!!Elizabeth.  Now Elizabeth is probably the greatest character in a video game ever, but not for the reasons you might think.  Elizabeth is the most believable character in a video game i’ve ever experienced.  She has an awesome character arc and you just believe she is a real person!  Its truly stunning how awesome she is done in this game, and a look into the next generation of gaming as we know it.  Her facial expressions say it best, but her voice work is just as good.  She has the ability to open tears into another version of the world you’re in, so in combat you can open something that will give you an advantage but can only open one at a time so its mechanic is worked super nicely into the game.  You never have to worry about her getting hurt EVER.  She handles herself and isn’t even targeted by the enemies and this is nice, to have to defender her in the chaos of combat would drag the game way down, good move.  On top of this, she scrounges for Ammo,health, and Salt(mana for your powers) and with one press of a button she tosses it, you get it, back to the action.  But it seems to have a cool down so it doesn’t get just insane, so they balanced it perfectly.  She steals the show from our main character Booker Dewitt.

bookerBooker Dewitt has been sent the flying city of Columbia to find Elizabeth and bring her back to new york.  But the great profit Comstock stands in his way of achieving this goal.  Dewitt is a loveable character as well, and you feel for him. But he can kinda be who you want him to be.  His voice acting is awesome, and his character is believable as well, but Elizabeth steals the show away from him.

The story paces out perfectly.  I can’t remember the last time I played a game and after the credits roll, I was perfectly satisfied with the length and it never got old for me.  It hooks you from the start, and never lets go.  And if you’re a previous fan of Bioshock you know that the ending will twist somehow so the whole game you’re looking for it, but just be ready to be blindsided.

Game developers across the world, take notice of this game.  This is gaming at its best, pure perfection.

10 out of 10 is all this game deserves, you can’t find them any better than this.  As a gamer we can only hope that we can play such perfection, do yourself the biggest favor, go out and buy this, rent it or whatever you do, just play this game.





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