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Lets talk, shall we.

April 7, 2013

Oooohhhh this crazy game called life that we are forced to play.  So you know that Uncle I spoke about a while back on my wife’s side, well he died today.  So that sets into motion the funeral and all the arrangements.  I find it interesting how when we die we feel like we vanish, we’re gone.  But thats simply not true.  I’ve even heard someone say they are so scared that after their death they won’t be thought of ever again.

The Japanese say that to truly dishonor someone is to forget them.  The thing is, what did you leave people to remember?  Did you leave them happy moments, shitty moments, both?  We have to always ask ourselves what legacy will we leave behind us.  Did we have any children?  Does it even matter if my name lives on through me?  There are a million Eric’s in the world, whats one more?

On the topic of children, the more and more I think about it, the answer is always no.  I don’t want a child.  To have to explain the evils of the world to, to pray for his/her protection in a world going to shit all around me.  Its a horrifying thought.  Then one more pops up, how do I tell my child why he doesn’t have a grandpa?

After we die we become the center of attention.  Everyone is thinking about you, planning how to put you away for good, fighting over you.  Its the ultimate form of flattery.  People will cry over you probably for months.  I never thought about how much attention you get when you die.  So the fools who are like “I’ll show them!” and commit suicide I guess ultimately they get their wish.  They become the center of attention for a while.  But I can tell you from experience, you despise them more in the long run.

A suicide puts you in a horrible position.  I went through so many changes, so many views of death, funerals were never the same, death itself was never the same.  You change, and weather you’re a better person in the end or not is up to you.

I guess I posted this to say this:
If you are SERIOUSLY thinking about suicide as an option, just don’t.  The ones that do love you will despise you forever.  No matter how many good memories you leave them, they will despise you.  You fucked their world up, so fuck you!  As always, thanks for reading.


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