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I promise i’ll stop talking about death soon.

April 13, 2013

So of course with the funeral of my wife’s uncle in the bag, i have more to think about and more to ask.  As usual your opinions are welcome, and I would love to hear from you, my loyal readers, you are all awesome!

The funeral went well, I liked not having a graveside service, those just feel to weird.  Since he was to be cremated, he didn’t have a graveside service.  But here is my question to you all, how much, is too much, when it comes to a pep talk over someones death?

Now Uncle Gene passing meant nothing to me honestly.  Glad he is out of pain, and in Heaven, i’m not sorry to see him go.  But my wife was really upset and her mother was super upset and just grieving in such an odd way.  She didn’t wanna sleep because thats how gene died, and she didn’t wanna die alone, which again is how gene died.  But this made no sense to me.  I wanted to give this awesome pep talk, but how much is too much? I struggled with the idea for a while and eventually gave up on it.  I could set her off with one wrong thing said.  Sitting in the kitchen on the day of the funeral I heard my wife arguing with her mom about hurrying up and getting ready, which we were late, and then tells me “I know why she is doing this too.” so I guess stupid question from me “Why?” my wife looked at me like are you stupid? “Her brother DIED!”  I just played it off.

But even if your brother died, trying to stall going to the funeral isn’t going to change a thing.  When my father committed suicide, I didn’t dodge a damn thing, I confronted it, up front, and in its face.  It wouldn’t have changed anything had I crossed my arms like a child and said “NO! I don’t wanna!”  It doesn’t matter how I feel now, whats done is done, and if i pout i just miss the event, plain and simple.

So please someone, feedback is welcome, am I being too cold about all of this? Either way, I promise to get off this topic soon, and as always, thanks for reading!


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