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Spazzing from one topic to the next WELCOME BACK!!!

May 11, 2013

So this is the usual “wow, its been a while” blog that I loathe so damn much, but it has to happen.  Because if I title this something meaningful i’m just gonna get super off topic and jump around to shit as it appears in my brain! OK, lets begin with whats off the top!

injusticeSo i’ve been watching a crap ton of gameplay for this, and I lucked out and found someone selling on craigs list and BAM bought that sucker!  Quickie review because this isn’t a review post, its pretty freakin fun!!!  If you like fighters or if you like DC or both, its an awesome game!

So Mother’s Day is around the corner, not far at all, as well as my birthday! WOW, I can’t believe its my birthday again.  May 14th I will turn 26!  Time flies when you’re getting older thats for damn sure!  Planning on going out to eat with mom and the family on sunday, and more than likely will get my birthday gifts then.  I have my eye on this fightstick, but thanks to the jackass that hit my car a while back, that was ruled a 50/50 by the way, I have to put about 80 bucks into getting my new tail light so there goes that fight stick, fingers crossed anyway.

Let me put on some music…

So I just recently found this band “Pomplamoose” they are freakin awesome! Go check them out, support them, they are bad ass!

I’m trying really hard to get back into comics (thanks injustice) because I just really want to be a comic guy, it would be fun to catch all the way up on New 52 stuff, but I’m too far gone at this point so that kinda sucks.  The ninja turtles changed comic artist and it looks like shit now, so i can’t read it anymore.

Ok so thats all that comes to mind! Once again, and as always, thank you so much for your support and just for reading.  I really like when this gets attention it feels like i’m not just screaming to myself.  And for those of you who can sit through my audio blogs, thank you as well.  I know they are super raw and don’t have a great quality but I do enjoy doing them!  I’ve discussed, briefly, about doing a podcast with my wife, she was down, but it just dropped to the wayside.  If you think that would be something cool for us to do, let me know.  Ok well thats all i’ve got for now, thanks again for reading!



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