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Music Artist Spotlight! Pomplamoose!

May 15, 2013

So this is my first spotlight on a musical artist, and I really hope you enjoy it.  One thing i’ll always love is finding a new band to listen to.  A new band that can open my eyes in ways I didn’t think they could be opened.  I talked in the past about how music was a window to who I was, so I won’t go back over that, lets start with this first ever DETC Music Spotlight!

pomplamooseOn the left is Jack Conte, and the right is Nataly Dawn.  Nataly is the vocalist in the band, and Jack is everything else.  Jack really is so multi-talented its ridiculous.  I’ve seen him play all kinds of instruments!  They seem like a couple, I don’t know if thats true or not, but if they are they are a very cute couple.  They both have their own solo work, respectively.  Jack’s is more electronic and just everywhere.  Nataly is more of a awesome indie sound to her voice.

Pomplamoose takes an electronic sound, and puts it with an older sounding voice and it works perfectly.  It doesn’t sound like its going to work, but it works and flawlessly.  They are goofy in their videos, seem like awesome people, and I really really like them!  Only gonna post one song, so let me find on that, I think, is more of a showcase on both parts.

Not only does this song showcase both of their talents.  It shows their fun loving side, that is just infectious.  Not only that, its catchy as hell, with an awesome ending to it.  This is what you get from Pomplamoose.

That will about wrap this up, I could gush some more, but i’ll leave it at that.  Thanks as always for reading and listening along.  Let me know what you think about Pomplamoose and what are your favorite bands at the moment?



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