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Lets talk more about my foot fetish.

July 20, 2013

So as more time passes let me assure you, your fetish will become more comfortable to handle.  Its not something that happens over night, and its not something you should be ashamed of, its who you are.

I have started to understand that with every fetish, or anything really, there is a level of weird to everything.  If you have a foot fetish and you take “candid” snapshots, thats a bit on the creepy side.  Lets face it, a person like me who works in retail, running a cash register, in a college town, i see girls feet all day long.  If you don’t look, or at least try, its a crime in my book.  But you just can’t go taking pictures without their knowledge, it becomes creepy.

Anyway, i’ve really enjoyed openning up more on this topic and i’ve been getting great feedback from everyone on it.  I want the people out there with this fetish to understand how not weird it is.  Have you ever looked it up on wikipedia, I sure have.  Its a big eye opener and if you do happen to confide in friends, or family, the reactions you get will be mild compared to how you feel they should react.

I’ll never forget how hard it was to tell my Wife(Girl Friend at the time) about my fetish, and how it was kind of a deal breaker if it just completely turned her off.  It worked out, she said she was scared it was going to be horrible, but then it was just a normal thing.

I continue to ask all of my readers to send me questions, the ones i’ve received have been great, and I will keep your name and question just between us if you want.

E-mail me:

Make the subject something in the vain of  “Don’t Eat that Candy question” make sure you include your name if you wish, and if you want me to bring up anything related to your question in later post about this topic.

I love my readers, you’re all awesome, thanks for continuing to keep up with this despite my falling off most times.  I promise to stay dedicated to answering your questions and talking about this topic and other topics if you’d like.

Once again, as always, thanks for reading, and listening if you actually listen to those audio ones.



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