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Now lets time travel a bit, and catch up on my nerd stuff…

September 24, 2013

Thats right! Today is a two poster kinda day! LETS GO!

So the new Suda game came out not too too long ago…whose Suda you might ask, he made these great titles:
NMHNo more Heroes


LPCLollipop Chainsaw

KIDKiller is Dead

Now of course this isn’t all of his works, just the more popular ones.  They have a love for the weird, the strange, and just overall the oddity of his games.  No More Heroes is one of my favorite games of all time, i recommend you play it on the Wii.

So I found Killer is Dead, which is the newest one out, used at Gamestop and decided to pick it up, I was really excited because I love Suda games.

Killer is Dead
A quickie review

     As usual if this isn’t your thing just skip down.  Killer is Dead was definitely a Suda game, but was pretty light on the story and I didn’t like how just flat the game felt.  Each mission is and “Episode” and part of the “Story” which hadn’t started fleshing itself out in the slightest when I quit playing at Episode 10.

I was trying so damn hard to like this game, but just couldn’t.  The game was on the normal difficulty setting and it was like i had put it on super hard!  Its really hard, and this normally doesn’t deter me from playing a game, I like hard games, but the hardness needs to be topped with a story that makes me want to keep playing…but there was no story, it was just stupid hard to be a stupid hard game.

So i’m gonna come back to this game but I was just getting pissed at the overall game experience.  I only recommend this game if you just love pain, and mindless swinging, or if you just think Suda can do no wrong whatsoever.


I said all that to say this, the night I got fed up with this game, GTA V was releasing at midnight and so the gamestop i had bought this from happened to be open and I have the used return policy on my side…so I took it back, and just paid 12 bucks difference and got GTA V.

Review of GTA V will be coming after a while.  Its gonna take me a long time to finish and when the Online gets kicked into gear it will add even more to the length.

Well thats my not important post for the day and stay tuned for some GTA antics and just overall fun.  Until next time thanks for reading as always!!

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