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The woes of work troubles, and first true injuries.

September 24, 2013

So its been a while and as usual i’m back apologizing its taken so long to update.  Anyway here we go!

About a few weeks ago our store was made aware that a store about 30 minutes away from my house is due for a remodel and they need one employee from each store in our district to go and help.  I didn’t wanna go because I know Marlene, my DM, hates my guts so I didn’t want to be targeted by anything else she could throw at me.  The new Store Manager in Training that has been transferred to our store, Norma, wanted to go but Clint wouldn’t let her.

So the time came Marlene showed up asking who was going and after all this begging to go from Norma, she tells Marlene she doesn’t want to go now, so somehow I was chosen.  Now I wasn’t happy about it, but I’m a big boy and i’ll suck it up and go.

9-22-13 had to be at the remodel store at 2pm and work till 11pm with a one hour break.  So it went well, I worked hard, people acknowledged my hard work and I went home that evening still being schedule for Monday to be back at the store by 7am.

9-23-13  I hope in my car around 6:20am and head out, about half way there i notice my lower left back is in some pretty rough pain, it hurts but I’m assuming it will go away as I work.  It didn’t I worked till 12pm and was finally at a breaking point.  The pain was so bad I was having trouble standing.  I asked the remodel manager could I go home for the day and she said yeah but acted like I was full of it.  The pain got so bad I had to go see the doctor.

The doc tells me that it was a horrible muscle strain and possibly a slip disk.  Said that if the disk did slip it would work itself out as long as I rested and took care, puts me out of work for 3 days.  Well  I was schedule through thursday for the remodel, and this puts me out the rest of those days.

So I’m not happy about it honestly, because If I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  Anyhow after two shots, and heavy HEAVY pain meds being prescribed I am at home resting.  The pain is no where near the levels it started at, but its still painful.  So i’m continuing to rest.


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