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Here it is! GTA V Review!!

October 7, 2013


So as I always say, if this  isn’t your thing, i’m sorry, but if it is proceed!!

For those of you who know me, GTA isn’t something i’ve just been crazy about.  I played GTA 3 and thought it was really good, Vice City, San Andreas, and even GTA 4.  I didn’t like 4 at all, the main character sucked and I just wasn’t a fan.  So when I found myself purchasing GTA V I was a little bit surprised myself.

GTA V tells a story of three different characters:

Franklin – A hood rat trying to make his way into the big time of the crime scene.  Franklin is a really cool, and respectful guy, until it comes down to business and he trying to climb the crime ladder.(Black guy in the middle)

Michael – A retired bank robber who was really really good at his job, went into hiding with the help of the police after being assumed dead after his last big heist attempt.  He has a family and an explosive temper to say the least.(On the right)

Treavor – Treavor is a lunatic! He controls the meth empire way out in the desert and is unstable as hell.  All the times you’ve played GTA and just went crazy shooting people, stabbing, punching, this is Treavor.  You’ll either love him or hate him.(on the left)

Each character has something to relate to, its different for everyone.  Their stories intertwine and mingle, but carry their own weight as well.  Every character has their own stuff going on as well as stuff with all three.  I’m just going to briefly touch on the gameplay and what makes it so much fun and then we will move to the rest of the stuff, but let me say, i could talk a while about the missions and what makes them so much fun.

Missions are GTA missions, don’t get me wrong, but with the element of switching characters on the fly in the middle of everything is awesome!  Just switch have a new vantage point and new way to go about things.  It really allows you play the game how YOU wanna play the game and I think it was the best move.  Side missions are abound, clothing shops, barber shops, tennis,yoga,parachuting…dude there is so freakin much to do in this game its insane, and to put the cherry on top its actually loads of fun.

The story tells a good mock up of what we are as a society today.  A lot of times you’ll hear statements from these characters based off what just happened that really just speak out to the player, unless you’re like 12 and shouldn’t have this game anyway.  At one point Michael says something to the effect of “Hypocrisy is what makes our world go round” after killing the “bad guys” and being a horrible person yourself and calling yourself the “winner” you’re a horrible hypocrite.  Anyway, its an amazing game, tons to do, a real story behind it and just overall fun as hell.  I highly recommend that you buy it, there is just too much to do for a rental, when you get the money buy GTA V you’ll thank me later.  But one thing, to those who call this a “Master Piece” and things like that, lets not go too far, Last of Us is a true Master Piece.  GTA V is just a really awesome and fun GAME.

So if it isn’t enough that the single player had so much to do you also have, GTA Online!  Join your friends online in a cut throat world where players constantly try to just kill you where it benefits them none!  But seriously, its pretty fun IF you have someone to roll with.  If you don’t have any friends or any gaming friends GTA Online will not impress you at all.  Luckily I have one guy who I always always play games with and he has it so we have played a TON and its a blast!  But the experience changed very grim when playing alone.  It has a bunch of bugs at the moment but hopefully they will straighten all of it out.  Eventually just about everything you can do in single player you will be able to do in Multiplayer so if you have a bunch of friends ready to play, GTA Online will be a blast, otherwise, you might be disappointed.

And as always, thanks for reading!


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