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Beer taste better when poured into a glass.

October 21, 2013

So let me just address my previous post.  It drove me crazy and I ended up just talking to my wife about it, and we came to an agreement so horrible things were definitely avoided.  That being said, lets move on.

You know those people that just drink whatever beer they can touch and just down as many as possible as fast as they can? Thats not me.  It sounds nuts but i’m the person where I like odd beers, not just something to drink to get drunk, but something that has a taste and is a pleasure to drink.  Beer is also easier to just pop open and drink for your alcohol fix, as apposed to mixing a drink and it may or may not be that good.

So i’ve tried a good amount of beers, as i’ve shared with you in the past, i’ve drink plenty more sense then, and with the holidays coming in and all this pumpkin beer going out, i’m in heaven.  For those of you who don’t know, I love pumpkin flavored stuff.  So i’ve been going through all these different beers and one thing i’ve learned here is…beer taste better in a glass.

I joined this site called BeerAdvocate and they explain all the terminology of beer, how to taste it, all that fun stuff.  And they recommended pouring it in a glass as well as trying it out of the bottle.  The glass changes its properties, at least I think so anyway, i’ve been drinking a good bit of beer and still staying on my “never been drunk” policy and I don’t plan to be.

Alcohol is easy to manage once you know your limits, and thats all there is to it.


Final news for this post, thinking even more so about a podcast of some nature, maybe with a friend of mine and maybe with my wife, who knows, I would like to hear your opinions on this, because if I did do it, I would post it here for you all to go listen to.  Even if this happens this blog will not die and will still have typed content.  So any feedback would be great, let me know what you think, and as always…


Thanks for Reading!


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