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Where do you stand on this?

October 23, 2013

So lets talk for a second.  Lets say you die, either suddenly, or just by natural causes.  You’re dead and gone but your Facebook page is still up.  What do you want to happen to it?  Do you want someone to keep it active and post stuff for you?  Do you want it deleted forever, you’re dead you shouldn’t have to have a facebook anymore.

In a weird instance, this really came to mind, allow me to explain.

In the game “Last of Us” the multiplayer is like you holding your own survival camp.  And its like a neat little mini-game where you pick a mission “Get so many headshots” stuff like that.  If you complete your mission your group does well.  So to make this fun, you can attach your facebook account to it.  COOL! All my friends are part of my camp, and the funny little messages that pop up are awesome when it picks a friend that is so like them.

Now that you understand that feature in this game, let me tell the story.

A while back, i think a few months, my wife’s Uncle died.  It was a little bit sudden, and shocked a lot of people.  So anyway, his death is old news now, I know that sounds horrible but it is.  So for reasons I don’t understand, his daughter has kept his facebook active.  Now don’t get me wrong, if its a “Like” page only, devoted to the memory of that person, thats fine.  But not an active page that people can friend, thats just wrong.  So it pops up in my “Last of Us” feed “So and so is healthy!” and it happens to be the uncle that passed.  Now all of this is just coincidence but still its disturbing.  Especially if you still miss the guy.

So it begged the question, do you want your facebook page still up and running after you die?  My answer is a solid, No.  Now as i said above, if you make a memorial page that people can like, fine, thats fine, but my page should not be active in any fashion after I die.

So to be so morbid, let me know what you think in the comments, and as always, thanks so much for reading!


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