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Allow me to get straight pissed for a second…

November 16, 2013

Ya know, this whole post is going to sound completely stupid to anyone who reads it, but I just don’t care right now.  Every since I was a young boy Video games have always been soooooo much fun and just awesome.  I’ve played video games most of my life, and thought “Man, one day, my career will base around video games!”.  So I found my passion in fighting games.  Learning the ins and the outs, the lingo, how to play properly, the whole shabang.  So I bought a fightstick a good while back and decided to train a little with it, hoping it would improve my game.  Well it has, and i’ve been able to do stuff with characters that I haven’t been able to do.  After hours of training before even stepping online, I mean hours, I finally hop online and give it a shot.  When you lose 10 times in a row to some dude, it feels like you’ve just wasted your time.

My Anti-Drug, Video Games, has turned out to be worse than drugs for me.  I get super pissed knowing how much time i’ve poured into this.  Not just recently, but the whole fucking time i’ve been playing has been a waste.  I feel my potential inside me to do good, and to win.  The tools and the knowledge is there WHY CAN’T I EXECUTE?!  I’m so fucking tired man, not only can’t I get anywhere in life, working retail for 7 years with shit to show for it.  I’ve wasted my life on video games, instead of trying to get a real trade or real talent.  It makes me sick to my stomach man, so fucking sick.

I’ll never be a pro, i’ll always be a scrub, and its just depressing as fuck.  Time to have a beer, watch a stream of fighting games and then go cry my sorry ass self to sleep.

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