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Whats been happening?!?!?!

February 2, 2014

Wow, so for those who don’t know, I live in Alabama, and we saw some awesome snow! But with the snow came some horrible situations.  My cousin had a really hard time but has finally made it home.  My mom freaked out trying to get home but made it, and thankfully my family all remained safe despite the tragedy that struck.  This snow happen to hit on the week my wife had left to go to fort payne and help her mom move some stuff.  So of course she didn’t get anything done, because the snow shut down fort payne as well, and I missed her so badly while she was gone it wasn’t even funny.

Missed some work, made my hours up, and now i’m doing better.  I’m still a little sickly, me and my wife both got pretty sick, she went to the doctor but i’m still fighting my hardest not to.  So she came home and yesterday we spent the whole day together! Ended up going out to eat and just out and about!

So I had this big plan to save up for a computer and do it quickly, well that plan has kinda gone tits up as they say.  I’m still going to try and save but as it stands its gonna be a while, i guess its time to just be thankful I have a computer at all.  Not even going to mess with the new consoles unless it just happens, like it has in the past.

Speaking of consoles! Wolf Among Us episode 2 comes out tuesday!!! I’m stoked!!!  Well i hate to make this another bunched up collection of thoughts but it has happened that way once again.  In these times when I get thoughts for a blog, I need to just go right then and do it!  So heres to hoping i’ll blog some more.


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