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All you people that love good games, lets talk TellTale!

February 5, 2014

Ok where to begin…ah yes, so I first heard of TellTale games when I heard about a Walking Dead adventure game.


Before I go any further, let me explain what a “True” adventure game is.  For those of you here who have ever played: Escape From Monkey Island,Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, ect.  You have played an adventure game, a REAL, TRUE, adventure game.  For those who haven’t, an Adventure game is one where its a little puzzle solving and a lot story and dialogue choices.  They are in-depth story telling games and you either love em, or hate em.  You collect random things and find their use later in the game and its just awesome.  TellTale has evolved the Adventure game into a modernized version of this and it has paid off.

So now we will hop back to TT(TellTale) these guys have learned how to mess with your emotions and just make you immerse into the world they setup.  Now granted they have a foundation when they start but the way they make their own characters and make us care, thats their craft.  They do these games in five parts, for 5 dollars each, or save 5 bucks and just spend 20 up front and that guarantees you all the parts.  And let me just say, even if you just do the $25 route, you’re still getting an amazing deal with these games.

slide-walkingdeadThe Walking Dead, even if you are sick of zombies, play this game.  It tells an amazing story that wraps up with some characters and leaves it open for a Season 2 as they call it (the first episode of which is out now) and its such a thrill ride, you won’t want to stop playing this game, and it had me in tears by the end, balling like a little baby.

And now they are doing the new series called “Wolf Among Us” I knew nothing about the source material, NOTHING, but because I know TT puts out amazing quality, I took a long shot and tried the first episode.

TWAU_blogrollFucking amazing!  For those who don’t know the source material, I’m not spoiling it for you, go spend the 4.99 and buy the first episode and if you hate it you’re only out five bucks.  I just now finished episode 2 and i’m chomping at the bit!  I want everyone to know how good these freakin TT games are! Please, especially if you’re an adventure game fan, play these games!

And of course, thanks for reading and sticking with me! Always good to see people reading and enjoying themselves!



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  1. Reblogged this on The Alpha Zone Gaming Blog and commented:
    Very enjoyable read and absolutly agree, TT are on top right now and with Tales from the borderlands and none other than Game of Thrones right around the corner can predict big things for these guys in the future.

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