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Holy crap…Bravely Default…

February 11, 2014

So here we go, my usual disclaimer, if gaming isn’t your thing, this post might not be up your alley but I have to spread the word.



This new RPG recently came out on the 3DS and the day before it did, I gave the demo a shot, and boy was i glad that I did!  This is a classic RPG at its absolute finest!  My number one will always be Chrono Trigger, but this is quickly catching up to it.  Random encounters, turn taking, at its best!  The combat in an RPG can make or break it, this does a few things different but it works and makes combat tough and fun!

The story so far isn’t anything new, its a classic RPG story, with classic characters.  I don’t know if you’ll fall in love with any of them, and Chrono has the one up over this game with its characters.  That is probably the weakest element this game has is characters.  I found myself attached after a while of play, but not out of the gate, and not in as deep as I did Chrono.

I won’t dive into the details, nor will I explain the story, just know this as you go along with your day.  If you like classic RPGs, this is for you, 100% for you.  Are you like me?  Lately have you felt RPGs just try to many new things and stray from the basics?  This game is absolutely for you!  I’m 17 hours in and i’m addicted…like truly addicted, and just barley into chapter 2 of what i believe is a 8 or 9 chapter game.  The length is there, and the game is amazing!  The last thing that needs saying, this game is HARD!  Ever play Final Fantasy(the first one) on NES?  Its that level of hard, if that turns you away, I understand, but if you are up for the challenge the rewards are endless!

Go buy this game, its astounding!


I recently got into loot crate, the monthly nerd box you can have for $20 a month, I will be getting my first crate in this month.  I’m on the fence about doing a video yet, but there will at least be pictures of what it entails, so look forward to that!

And as always, thanks for taking time out of your day to read this!


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