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Life continues to twist and turn.

March 22, 2014

Having been a survivor of my fathers suicide, i’ve come to learn that his side of the family has a bad history of this.  So its been kind of a rough few weeks, the battle almost seemed lost, but I pulled it together.  One thing we have to learn is that we need stress relievers.  We need moments to ourselves to do what we want to do.  Now with all that seriousness out of the way, lets dive in to the not so important.

My struggle to achieve greatness at Street Fighter IV continues.  I can win normally with Vega, of course he is my main so I know him in and out.  But I want to learn a new character, Cody has always been on my bucket list so Cody it was.  The hardest part at the moment is fighting other people who are playing their mains, even in endless where it doesn’t matter, and slaughtering me.  Ok fine, I could easily pick Vega and whip your ass, but I won’t i’m trying really hard to learn a new character.  So there is that…

Spring has begun and that means flip flops and open-toed shoes return! Where I do indeed hate the heat,  I love what it brings, sue me its a plus ok!

SPEAKING OF PLUS! (You like that!)  I signed up for Playstation+ recently to dig into their pile of free games for being a member, and its been pretty awesome!  Tomb Raider, the new one, has been on my plate here lately.  Anyway, reviews or whatever you call them will follow upon completion.

I had a really good topic for this new post…yesterday, I’m making a change now, when I have a good topic I jot it down and in return you get better post…

If you’re still here, thanks as always for reading!!


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