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Decisions in life, and Dialogue trees.

April 17, 2014

When you sit down and think about it, life is a lot like a video game.  Let me explain, for anyone who isn’t into games or gaming in some good RPGs there are branching trees of dialogue.  Different ways to branch and different things may happen in these different branches of dialogue.  These are called “dialogue trees” you may have a conversation with a character that another player would never see.  This is the main thing i’ll be referring to in this post.

So its about 20 minutes till close at my store(10) and this guy comes in and says his truck just completely died across the street can someone come jump him off.  Being this late, I can’t let Ashley leave, its against policy, besides i’m responsible for the safety of my crew.  So i apologize and say no sorry, he asks if i could do it, again, I can’t leave its policy, I say again sorry man, can’t do it.  He then asks for a charger for his phone, its dead, thinking I may have one that could work for his phone I say let me go check my car.  He proceeds to follow me out there i check, nope its not there.  Then he asks me the most outlandish thing i’ve ever been asked.  “Well can I just have your keys and take your car over there to jump it?”  I actually LOL’d and said “No man, sorry I can’t just hand my keys to you.”  He turns around and as he walks away says “Alright thanks, fucking asshole!”

Ok so here we have the scenario laid out. So he didn’t know this because he never made it to this branch in the tree but my next step was to be nice and open a charger in the store to charge his phone, and let him use it, free of charge!  But then he decided to go with the aggressive option of calling me a “Fucking asshole!” after all the effort I had already put into helping him, so I offered no more assistance and he went on his way and figured something else out.

The moral of this story here is when someone is genuinely trying to help you, don’t snap at them, they’re trying to help and now you seem like an ungrateful jerk.

Sorry i’ve been gone for so long everyone, as always thanks for reading!

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