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Week of SFIV:AE Cody! Day one results!

April 28, 2014


Hello everyone! Day one of my “Week of Cody” just ended, lets see how it went.

Ok so this was my number when I started:
BP: 1755
(Battle Points, shows Experience with the Character)
PP: 842
(Player Points, shows experience overall)

So those were my numbers when I started, my win/loss record was: 19W/19L, dead even, with one lag match that was so Laggy I just didn’t count it.  Now my stats after the two hours:

BP: 2339
(This just goes up as you play with the character and a little more if you win)
PP: 989
(This goes up and down every match)

So overall, It was just average, my PP is what i’m mainly focused on and the jump was only 147, so i’m disappointed overall, but hey, theres still tomorrow!

Don’t forget to check out I have written some more articles for them lately, and as always, thanks so much for reading! See you tomorrow!


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