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Dusting off the cobwebs

March 24, 2016

Hello again, wow looking back over this thing my last few posts were a dark place. It seems to be a place i’m most comfortable in so whatever. ANYWAY Hello, i’m back and ready to catch things up…because its been a couple years I won’t be able to catch everything up, but lets hit the bullet points.

Dreams can come true:
So a small dream of mine was to go and compete in a Major fighting game tournament, this actually happened. Final Round 19, March 18th-20th happened and I was not only there, I competed! I lost and the organization of the event was a bit to blame but either way I had such an awesome time! My brother and his wife (my sister in law) julie came with me. Sadly my wife wasn’t able to come. (yes i’m still married, thank God!) Again while I didn’t even get out of my pool, I met so many pro players and fellow FGC members and it was so freakin awesome!

Job Status:
I’m back working at GameStop, which is kinda cool. As you know I loved my job at GameStop previously, I was just mistreated by the stupid store manager. While the hours aren’t there and I desperately need to find another job, its nice to be back in my element with a good store manager now.

Life Status:
I’m pretty happy right now, I deal with depression every single day of my life, but i’m happy for the most part.

The future of this Blog:
Well thats yet to be determined. I want to start back writing here but don’t honestly know if its gonna happen. Heres to hoping I can revitalize this thing and get it going again. Shout out to Mo Jackson for making me want to even think about this thing again.


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