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It always hurts, its always the same.

May 20, 2016

So today was a bummer overall. My air conditioner in my apartment was making weird noises. I called and got someone to come out and he couldn’t really figure it out, so that was just kinda nothing.

Then my wife calls me as she is supposed to be getting off work, with bad news that the Blazer (one of my two vehicles) battery died because of the door not closing (its been an issue lately) and the ignition switch is stuck…awesome!

How in the world do people get by in their daily lives with stress? These problems always make me wish I were dead, and make me second guess where i’m at in life. Am I the only one these things effect so harshly? These things always bust me apart and its so irritating!!! I don’t want this sinking feeling in my stomach, but I can’t stop it. We get paid tomorrow…lets hope and pray I can get it fixed enough to be back on the road.

If not, doing this thing with one car is not gonna be easy at all! Ugh, it always hurts, its always the same.


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