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Okay fine, I should’ve said something sooner.

May 28, 2016

So if you read my last post you know I was having a wet carpet issue. Well due to anxiety leading to horrible stress I couldn’t sleep. I found an emergency contact number for my apartments and decided at around 5am I would go ahead and call it.

I spoke with a nice man who was clearly at an answering service/call center scenario. He understood and quickly wanted it to get resolved. I got maybe three hours of sleep when i was awoken to a shady lookin woman knocking on my door. She wanted to see what was going on. She was pretty rude, but to the point. She swears its the hot water heater, and not the fridge. I personally think its a little of both, with a side of the toilet leaking slightly.

She decided to order me a new hot water heater, she then quickly grabbed me a wall unit AC to last until tuesday and bounced out like she was really angry. I then took it upon myself to move the bed away from the water and called the landlord over my apartments. She was insanely understanding and genuinely caring about my situation. She quickly got professional carpet cleaners out here to do their thing.

Here we are now, post them doing their thing. They had to leave behind some industrial fans and things like that to keep running for the next three to five days. I’m glad this is seemingly resolved, maybe my anxiety will die away as the carpet dries. Its not currently dry it does have some chemicals in it, but we are on our way.

My dog Hudson is my biggest concern. He isn’t supposed to lay on the wet carpet, which I don’t think he would anyway and I need to figure out how he is suppose to use the bathroom. I’ll take him outside regularly when i’m home, but when me and michelle are away I just hope he knows where he can go.


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