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Thinking is the most stressful thing ever.

May 28, 2016

My home, my current apartment, is supposed to be my place of stress free, rest. Well probably close to a year ago my hallway carpet was soaked. Naturally I blamed the dog, he’s old and maybe just lost it a bit. Over time it expanded outward, but it didn’t seem like the dog anymore. Still believing it was the dog, I tried countless things to handle it myself, worried what my landlord might say.

So I called in a professional to look at it and he said “This is no animal, this a leak somewhere.” I brushed it off until just recently. After cleaning it up one good time, it stays fairly dry for a few days. Well, it was almost instantly soaked again. This couldn’t be the dog, with a little investigation i just found out that the Fridge is leaking somewhere. I’m relieved and a bit scared still, but my quality of life has gone way way down. So its time to talk to the land lord and i’m afraid of what the result will be.

To continue this trend of rough times, the AC was acting up in the house a bit and I called the office. I got a guy out here and he seemed completely confused about my AC system said my motor would probably need replacing. He would come back later in the day to confirm it. Well of course, he never returned and here it is, the weekend, and the air just broke and doesn’t work. So now I have to call about this, AND talk about this carpet issue.

This has my brain, body, and self esteem in shambles. I feel terrified at what will have to be done. I’m feeling like a loser who can’t supply a dry carpet for my wife to walk on. Money is running short, and I just don’t know how I’m supposed to cope. All of this over wet carpets, and a busted fridge? I know its insane, but it has me screwed up.


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