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Wow…getting something done around here is like pulling teeth.

May 31, 2016

If you’re following my horrible hell saga, get ready for the newest entry in this ongoing nightmare. So its Tuesday and everyone is supposed to be working again. The new maintenance lady came back in my apartment today, she is the worst maintenance person i’ve ever had to deal with, she said we should have a new water heater “before the day is out.”

Well that was three hours ago, so that may actually resolve today, who actually know. That should fix the leak…in theory. I tried to call the carpet cleaning people about an hour ago and got a voicemail. I left them one but still haven’t heard back, at least they are nice and easy to deal with.

The AC is still broken of course and the AC dude has been “called” but still has yet to show. So at the end of this post you’ll realize, NOTHING has been changed or fixed, so I still have a wet carpet that seems to be growing, a broken AC, and a busted water heater so still no hot water.

Par for the course, I used to sign off on these by saying something like “thanks for reading” so I wanna get back to that.

If you’ve been following this blog, reading about my awful nightmare of a time, thanks so much for reading. Its nice to know there is someone else out there who can at least send me good thoughts or relish in my pain knowing they aren’t alone in their struggles.


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