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Finally back to semi-normal.

June 8, 2016

The carpets are dry, the air is fixed, and the hot water has returned. We did a whole lot of cleaning on the house too, so thats pretty cool. Its starting to feel like a real home again where I can actually have people over and just enjoy being at home, its nice.

In other news, Overwatch came out and I love it! Its so freakin amazing! My dog, Hudson, is now on a regular schedule of going outside to pee and poop now. Good things came out of all this so I can finally breath and relax…but not too much. History always repeats itself for me so I know not to get too comfortable.

Everyone who read this, and all my friends and family. If you prayed or gave me support in anyway, thank you. I truly mean it, as someone who struggles with depression, its always nice to know that you do have support. And if you even read this blog, like my posts, or whatever, you’re supporting me, so thank you so much!

Now lets hope my next post can be about care free things such as games…dear god lets hope…


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