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Am I the only one??

June 17, 2016

So I’m going through this time in my life again where I keep getting these odd feelings, and I’m gonna try and put it into words.

Late at night/early in the morning around 1am I get this feeling of “I need to cocoon myself into a TV show or a time killer.” and when I find this show, or thing, its a warm comfort. You feel this idea that settling in to watch this, or participate in this its a comforting thing. This feeling is like “As long as i’m awake, in this moment and watching this show, nothing bad can happen and i’m living a normal life.” my mind is so wrecked with all the horrible hits one after another that i’m just that scared to leave a moment where i’m safe and normal. So scared to go to sleep because of fear of what might happen tomorrow.

This fear is getting old, but this warm feeling and comfort is so nice. God I just want to feel normal and safe again. I just want to be back to normal and feeling like my life is normal again.

Heres to hoping things change real soon…heres to hoping…


From → Drama, Life, stress

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