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Wow…getting something done around here is like pulling teeth.

If you’re following my horrible hell saga, get ready for the newest entry in this ongoing nightmare. So its Tuesday and everyone is supposed to be working again. The new maintenance lady came back in my apartment today, she is the worst maintenance person i’ve ever had to deal with, she said we should have a new water heater “before the day is out.”

Well that was three hours ago, so that may actually resolve today, who actually know. That should fix the leak…in theory. I tried to call the carpet cleaning people about an hour ago and got a voicemail. I left them one but still haven’t heard back, at least they are nice and easy to deal with.

The AC is still broken of course and the AC dude has been “called” but still has yet to show. So at the end of this post you’ll realize, NOTHING has been changed or fixed, so I still have a wet carpet that seems to be growing, a broken AC, and a busted water heater so still no hot water.

Par for the course, I used to sign off on these by saying something like “thanks for reading” so I wanna get back to that.

If you’ve been following this blog, reading about my awful nightmare of a time, thanks so much for reading. Its nice to know there is someone else out there who can at least send me good thoughts or relish in my pain knowing they aren’t alone in their struggles.


Okay fine, I should’ve said something sooner.

So if you read my last post you know I was having a wet carpet issue. Well due to anxiety leading to horrible stress I couldn’t sleep. I found an emergency contact number for my apartments and decided at around 5am I would go ahead and call it.

I spoke with a nice man who was clearly at an answering service/call center scenario. He understood and quickly wanted it to get resolved. I got maybe three hours of sleep when i was awoken to a shady lookin woman knocking on my door. She wanted to see what was going on. She was pretty rude, but to the point. She swears its the hot water heater, and not the fridge. I personally think its a little of both, with a side of the toilet leaking slightly.

She decided to order me a new hot water heater, she then quickly grabbed me a wall unit AC to last until tuesday and bounced out like she was really angry. I then took it upon myself to move the bed away from the water and called the landlord over my apartments. She was insanely understanding and genuinely caring about my situation. She quickly got professional carpet cleaners out here to do their thing.

Here we are now, post them doing their thing. They had to leave behind some industrial fans and things like that to keep running for the next three to five days. I’m glad this is seemingly resolved, maybe my anxiety will die away as the carpet dries. Its not currently dry it does have some chemicals in it, but we are on our way.

My dog Hudson is my biggest concern. He isn’t supposed to lay on the wet carpet, which I don’t think he would anyway and I need to figure out how he is suppose to use the bathroom. I’ll take him outside regularly when i’m home, but when me and michelle are away I just hope he knows where he can go.

Thinking is the most stressful thing ever.

My home, my current apartment, is supposed to be my place of stress free, rest. Well probably close to a year ago my hallway carpet was soaked. Naturally I blamed the dog, he’s old and maybe just lost it a bit. Over time it expanded outward, but it didn’t seem like the dog anymore. Still believing it was the dog, I tried countless things to handle it myself, worried what my landlord might say.

So I called in a professional to look at it and he said “This is no animal, this a leak somewhere.” I brushed it off until just recently. After cleaning it up one good time, it stays fairly dry for a few days. Well, it was almost instantly soaked again. This couldn’t be the dog, with a little investigation i just found out that the Fridge is leaking somewhere. I’m relieved and a bit scared still, but my quality of life has gone way way down. So its time to talk to the land lord and i’m afraid of what the result will be.

To continue this trend of rough times, the AC was acting up in the house a bit and I called the office. I got a guy out here and he seemed completely confused about my AC system said my motor would probably need replacing. He would come back later in the day to confirm it. Well of course, he never returned and here it is, the weekend, and the air just broke and doesn’t work. So now I have to call about this, AND talk about this carpet issue.

This has my brain, body, and self esteem in shambles. I feel terrified at what will have to be done. I’m feeling like a loser who can’t supply a dry carpet for my wife to walk on. Money is running short, and I just don’t know how I’m supposed to cope. All of this over wet carpets, and a busted fridge? I know its insane, but it has me screwed up.

It always hurts, its always the same.

So today was a bummer overall. My air conditioner in my apartment was making weird noises. I called and got someone to come out and he couldn’t really figure it out, so that was just kinda nothing.

Then my wife calls me as she is supposed to be getting off work, with bad news that the Blazer (one of my two vehicles) battery died because of the door not closing (its been an issue lately) and the ignition switch is stuck…awesome!

How in the world do people get by in their daily lives with stress? These problems always make me wish I were dead, and make me second guess where i’m at in life. Am I the only one these things effect so harshly? These things always bust me apart and its so irritating!!! I don’t want this sinking feeling in my stomach, but I can’t stop it. We get paid tomorrow…lets hope and pray I can get it fixed enough to be back on the road.

If not, doing this thing with one car is not gonna be easy at all! Ugh, it always hurts, its always the same.

A quick plug for the things i’m in/do creatively

Just wanted to Shamelessly Self Promote real quick:

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Check it out if you’re into “What if…” scenarios and hilarious moments

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I try these days to be really creative with my time so please visit and enjoy these things if you’re into it.

Thanks for reading!

Lets not be too hasty.

Ahhhh its me again, hello! So since my last post things are about the same. I’ve been struggling to get hours at my job but still pushing forward to make it work out. The threat of the mall that I work in closing continues to loom as the Sears is in the process of closing, and now guest services, responsible for wheel chairs and strollers, is closing on short notice.

Yet again I could be jobless, so here we go again. Anyway, Overwatch comes out very very soon and I can’t wait to play it! Check out my YouTube Channel for Overwatch content as well as tons of Street Fighter Content.

So thats whats going on today, keep your fingers crossed that things will work out…

Dusting off the cobwebs

Hello again, wow looking back over this thing my last few posts were a dark place. It seems to be a place i’m most comfortable in so whatever. ANYWAY Hello, i’m back and ready to catch things up…because its been a couple years I won’t be able to catch everything up, but lets hit the bullet points.

Dreams can come true:
So a small dream of mine was to go and compete in a Major fighting game tournament, this actually happened. Final Round 19, March 18th-20th happened and I was not only there, I competed! I lost and the organization of the event was a bit to blame but either way I had such an awesome time! My brother and his wife (my sister in law) julie came with me. Sadly my wife wasn’t able to come. (yes i’m still married, thank God!) Again while I didn’t even get out of my pool, I met so many pro players and fellow FGC members and it was so freakin awesome!

Job Status:
I’m back working at GameStop, which is kinda cool. As you know I loved my job at GameStop previously, I was just mistreated by the stupid store manager. While the hours aren’t there and I desperately need to find another job, its nice to be back in my element with a good store manager now.

Life Status:
I’m pretty happy right now, I deal with depression every single day of my life, but i’m happy for the most part.

The future of this Blog:
Well thats yet to be determined. I want to start back writing here but don’t honestly know if its gonna happen. Heres to hoping I can revitalize this thing and get it going again. Shout out to Mo Jackson for making me want to even think about this thing again.